About Our Coding Bootcamps

Grand Circus coding bootcamps are conducted over the course of twelve weeks. Each student does two weeks of at-home learning, followed by ten weeks of in-class lectures, live coding, labs and projects. You’ll complete coding on your own, work in teams and develop your craft while pair programming. In addition to gaining technical aptitude, you’ll also gain core career-readiness skills you’ll need to be successful at top companies in Michigan and across the country.

Why Take a Grand Circus Bootcamp?

We recognize taking a coding bootcamp is just one of several options for developer training. Between online courses, training in other cities and the traditional college track, there are many alternatives.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Coding Bootcamp

Who is your average student?

Our classrooms are filled with smart, tenacious people who are excited (and a bit nervous) to embark on a new journey into tech careers. Students come from a variety of professional backgrounds — from healthcare to retail sales and just about everything in between. We typically have a demographic class makeup* of 39% women and 37% people of color. We strive to create a collaborative, diverse classroom. You can check out our student portal to see other alumni and current students.

*Numbers as stated in our Outcomes Report

We’re Committed to Diversity

We feel that the tech industry should reflect the composition of our community. Our classrooms are considerably diverse with 39% female students and 37% people of color. Across age, gender, race and educational background (among other things), we lead competitive coding bootcamps when it comes to diversity.

Programming Languages

We’re Affordable

We believe that everyone should have access to a tech career. That’s why Grand Circus is one of the more affordable coding bootcamps in the U.S. And we help our students with financing and scholarship options to ensure our courses are accessible to as many people as possible.

The Financial Aspects

We Train You for the Job You Want

At Grand Circus, we train for the specific skills that tech companies are seeking in their entry-level programmers. Our corporate partners – the 300+ companies that hire our graduates – review our curriculum and provide feedback so we’re sure our students are prepared for the real world.

Getting Your First (or Next) Tech Job