We’re Invested in You

As a Grand Circus graduate, you’ve joined an exclusive group, made up of people who want you to be successful in your tech career. We invite you to stick around, attend office hours and get help with interviews, applications and career planning.

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For Our Bootcamp Grads Only

When you become a Grand Circus student, we’re invested in helping you get that first tech job and we’re committed to your long-term success. Sure, we help you learn the programming languages that employers need, but we take it a few steps further.

We make sure you have what you need to nail your interviews. We’ll help you:

  • Craft and present your elevator pitch – We’ll ask you to repeat it to us until you know it as well as you know your name!
  • Prepare and practice for both technical and standard interviews
  • Grow your soft skills like communication, how to give and receive feedback, and practice presenting technical topics

Job Office Hours

During job office hours, stop by and chat with a Grand Circus team member about your tech job search. We’ll help you create and follow a plan built around your unique qualifications.

Showcase Your Skills at Demo Day

Every Grand Circus coding bootcamp ends with a final team project, created during the last two weeks of the program. Each team presents their project during Demo Day to an audience of potential employers, members of the Michigan tech community, friends and family. It’s another chance to practice presentation skills and get a leg up on finding that first tech job.

Stick around and cowork with us

Before, during or after your bootcamp, consider coworking in our space to get to know us even better.

Exclusive Events and Announcements

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