Career Services Support 

Students are equipped with both the technical and soft skills training to help them successfully earn a career in tech. These skills coupled with their dedication and hard work has resulted in nearly 90% of our full-time graduates earning technical employment. 

Navigating a new industry can be difficult; our career services team have crafted a learning  approach that teaches students how to identify goals, research their options and find their competitive edge. This collaborative relationship between students and staff takes hustle and hard work; the process is proven to work when students work the process!

Some of our Career Services sessions include:

Imposter Syndrome & Feedback Workshop

For many students, overcoming the feeling of “I don’t belong here” or “I’ll never be a good enough developer” is often the first hurdle they must overcome. The truth is, even the most experienced professionals face this. We’ll help you identify signs of self-doubt, ways to overcome them, and guide you through constructive ways to give and receive feedback. 

Career Inspiration & Exploration

This session focuses on helping students understand and prepare for the career search process. Resources and conversations support students as they determine career goals and keep them motivated in successfully finding their dream job. 

Employable You

Professionalism is key when entering the tech industry. Our team works directly with students to identify and fulfill “must-haves” for their in-person and digital presence. Even the smallest details matter, and we support each student as they work toward having a polished approach to the career search. 

Interview Prep

As they say, practice makes perfect! It’s important to gain an understanding of the types of behavioral and technical interviews employers use when hiring new talent. Our team works directly with students to provide upfront tips, then does a series of mock interviews –– allowing students to gain important practice and improve their interviewing confidence and skills.

Employer Network

Whether you’re looking to find the career of your dreams at a small or large company, we can help! Our Employer Network is 300+ companies strong, and growing with each week. Graduates go on to work in a wide range of positions at companies of all sizes. 

Student Outcomes Report

Each year, we produce our Student Outcomes Report to illustrate the impact of our coding bootcamps and help prospective students understand the opportunities our programs support.