Fund Your Future: Ways to Get Your January Bootcamp Funded

Perhaps one of the largest needs in 2020 is that of safe, remote, stable work and extra funds. 
You belong in tech, and you deserve a little help along the way.


At Grand Circus, we constantly see how one person’s commitment to education changes the trajectory of not just one person, but a whole family. 

We’d like to honor that commitment. We’d like to fund your bootcamp. Scholarships are available (though limited) for the upcoming 2021 January cohorts.

We’re not the only ones who want to help! The National Council of Women in Tech would like to fund your bootcamp—they’re excited to find the right fit for a limited number of scholarships for women, genderqueer, or gender non-binary persons. The West Michigan Literacy Center is here to help ESL speakers, too!

If you’re interested in any bootcamp scholarships, fill out the bootcamp interest form below to get started on your application.

The Details

Fund Your Future, Grand Circus Scholarships

  • Fund Your Future is a needs-based scholarship for any January 2021 cohort.
  • We have limited quantities of full-ride, half-ride, or partial ($2,250) scholarships you may be eligible for.
  • To be eligible; your livelihood must have been impacted in some way by COVID-19, you must share why you’re interested in tech and in bootcamps, and answer the full essay question in the application.
  • We’ll reach out to you within 2-5 days to accept your application and invite you to interview or we’ll let you know what you need to do in order to better prepare for an interview.

To apply for the scholarship, apply to bootcamp! Scholarship application questions are at the end of the bootcamp application. 

NCWIT’s Women & Genderqueer Scholarship

  • The National Center for Women & Information Technology scholarship covers the full cost of bootcamp tuition for women, genderqueer, and non-binary people in Michigan for any January 2021 cohort. 
  • To qualify you must self-identify as woman, genderqueer or non-binary.
    • You must live in the state of Michigan.
    • Be a US citizen or authorized to work in the US.
    • Actively seeking employment in Michigan.
    • Re-entering the workforce with interest in a computing/ technology career or
    • Considering changing careers with a new career in computing/ technology or
    • Already in a technical computing role but wish to advance their career with additional digital skill or
    • A member of the Aspirations in Computing community.

NCWIT has a limited number of scholarships they want to give to women and gender non-conforming persons who are ready to shake up the tech industry. Applying is two steps 1) Apply to the NCWIT scholarship on their website. 2) You’ll also need to apply to the Grand Circus coding bootcamp of your choice.
Our admissions advisors are on standby to help!

Literacy Center of West Michigan Scholarship

If you or someone you know are an ESL speaker and lives in the Grand Rapids, MI area, you may qualify for support from the Literacy Center of West Michigan. This scholarship is available for any January 2021 cohort. 

  • Demonstrate a need for our ESL services.
  • A non-native speaker of English.
  • 18 years or older.
  • Living within our service area in Michigan (Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, Montcalm, Ionia, Barry, and Allegan counties).

Recipients will be provided ESL support services – over 40 hours– and a $1,500 scholarship for the Grand Circus bootcamp. 

To apply, fill out the bootcamp application.