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Alumni Testimonials

Samantha Mazzola

Prior to my GC bootcamp, I was working as a Senior Digital Marketer focusing on paid social campaigns for automotive OEMs. But a few years ago, a job as a website assistant inspired my aggressive career change into tech. I considered a degree in Computer Science Degree, but didn’t have the money or time for another four-year degree. In my quest, I found a local fast track option at Grand Circus. I was lucky to find employment right after graduation of my bootcamp and had GC as a big name to help me validate my programming certification despite having a non-CS degree.

Samantha Mazzola

Software Developer I

United Shore

JavaScript bootcamp graduate Leanne Roddy discusses her new career in tech.

Fashioning a New Career in Tech: Meet Leanne Roddy

By GC-Marketing | March 2, 2021

JavaScript bootcamp graduate Leanne Roddy talks about moving from a career in the fashion industry to career in tech.

Chandler Keyes

Coding without College: Chandler Keyes Shares Her Experience

By GC-Marketing | March 18, 2021

When Chandler Keyes came to Grand Circus bootcamp in 2017, she was fresh out of high school. Since then, she’s…

Josie Wheeler

Bartender to Tech Consultant: Josie Wheeler Tells Us About Her Career Change

By GC-Marketing | March 31, 2021

Meet Josie Wheeler, a Grand Circus grad and Process Architect at Accenture. We caught up with Josie to learn about…

Heather Wenzel

Marketing Meets Programming: Heather Shares How She Remixed Her Career

By GC-Marketing | April 30, 2021

Making a career change can be daunting, especially when you’re already established and doing well, but that’s just what Heather…

Meet Our Alumni: Karina Lopez

Finding Inspiration in a New Tech Career: Meet Karina Lopez

By GC-Marketing | May 28, 2021

This month, we’re sharing insights from Karina Lopez, a 2017 Grand Circus DEVELOP(her) graduate. Before deciding to pursue a new…

Eli Stone Alumni

Coding is Solving Puzzles: Meet Eli Stone

By GC-Marketing | July 6, 2021

When COVID-19 precautions caused a series of closures at the escape room where he worked, Eli Stone decided to shift…

Alumni Testimonials

Lhea J. Copeland

I always wanted to become a developer, a Black-Girls-Coder, a Women-in-Tech-programmer, because I love science and technology. I decided that it is time to be more than a user, more than a content creator. It’s time to build.

Lhea J. Copeland

Network Engineer

Rocket Mortgage

After Hours C# .NET Graduate

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