4 Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Students listening during bootcamp

Are you talking yourself out of joining bootcamp because of thoughts like “I could never learn that” or “I’m not smart enough to be a developer” or “I’m so bad at math!”

We’re here to tell you: 

These thoughts and feelings are so common.

So many incoming bootcamp students feel like they don’t have the right background or skillset to start a successful tech career. These are feelings that many of our students (and people generally!) have when trying something new. It is called Imposter Syndrome and read on for some tips to overcome it. 

What’s Imposter Syndrome? 

It’s the imaginary feeling that you’re not good enough, but everyone around you is. You feel that you will be “found out” as not capable enough. At Grand Circus, from the very start you’re given the resources and support to combat these feelings including career mentorship, program managers and a team of instructors and teaching assistants.

Our graduates came from a wide range of professions; customer service, teaching, finance, retail, marketing and beyond. You belong in tech, no matter where you come from!  

4 tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  • Write an “I DID” list: Like a to-do list, reflect on some moments in your life that you faced self doubt and how you overcame that to reach your goals.
  • Focus on your progress: Even by inquiring about Bootcamp, you’ve already made the step so many people are afraid to. Think back to when you inquired and what you’ve done thus far to decide if this could be the right move for you.
  • Attend an on-campus info session: Meet alumni who have been in your shoes and chat with our friendly admissions team in Grand Rapids or Detroit. We have a few coming up this week – save your seat.
  • Read more about scholarships: We believe the tech industry should reflect our community and we’re proud to offer a Diversity Scholarship to incoming students of underrepresented backgrounds, consideration for a Develop(HER) partial scholarship for women, and consideration for the Rising Tide grant for Grand Rapids residents. (In your application, indicate you’d like to be considered for scholarships). People of all backgrounds come to Grand Circus, and these are some ways we can support them.