Creating The New You: How To Stick To Your Goals All Year Round

How to stick with goals in 2017!

The hardest part of any New Year’s resolution is sticking with it. As 2017 rolls along, it might be tempting to start slacking on that fitness routine you committed to back in January or begin skimping on your monthly financial savings goals. Luckily, with the help of some industry experts (and members of our team), attendants of our recent New Year, New Career Speaker Series learned some helpful tips, tricks and strategies to stick with their resolutions all year long.

Get Organized!

Tricia shared some great tips on how to create an effective schedule!The fun kicked off on January 11 with our Organize My Life! Workshop, focusing on personal organization and effective scheduling. Attendants received a crash course in bullet journaling from our very own full-stack instructor, community champion and journaling enthusiast, Jeseekia Vaughn. Our Marketing Intern, William Sexton also shared some great tips and programs to help master your email and avoid the dreaded inbox overload. Finally, our Community Manager, Tricia Haslinger, detailed some great ways to create (and stick to) an effective schedule all through the year. In case you missed any of our team’s tips, you can find a collection of the workshop’s slides here.

Personal Finance 101

Representatives from Fifth-Third Bank shared their tips to creating an effective saving planNext up was one of the country’s most popular New Year’s resolutions year in and year out: managing personal finances. Saving more and spending less is the third most popular New Year’s resolution each year, and 56% of people report making it at least halfway to their financial objectives. But when it comes to saving, what is the best strategy for you and your goals? We invited Matt Fox and Robert Onesko of Fifth Third Bank to answer this question and share professional insights on developing and sticking to an effective savings plan. Through an informative and interactive presentation, Matt and Rob showed attendees how building the right plan now can help unlock financial freedom later in life. Most importantly, they stressed the importance of having realistic expectations for your savings plans and reacting logically, not emotionally, to changes in the market.  

Healthy LivingAngela gave us some background on essential oils and how we can incorporate them into our everyday life.

What would a New Year’s Resolution discussion be without talking about health and fitness? To wrap up the speaker series, we invited three amazing local health and wellness professionals to share tips and advice for eating right, getting fit and feeling your best in 2017. Armond Rashad, a seasoned fitness instructor and co-owner of JABS Gym shared advice on daily exercise while Callie Bradford, an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and co-owner of GoSmoothies, showed attendees how to be and eat healthy in an unhealthy world. Finally, Angela Notarangelo demonstrated the powerful benefits of essential oils and how we can all incorporate them into our daily lives. Each of our speakers had a unique view of the health and fitness world, but all three stressed the importance of goal setting and building a support network around those goals. Starting a new diet or workout plan in 2017? Make sure you set specific, and realistic, goals for yourself and build a supportive and reliable network to help keep you accountable.   

With the help of our incredible speakers, we hope our guests learned some concrete steps and strategies they can use when tackling their goals in 2017! With a solid plan and a little determination, even the most difficult resolutions can be conquered!