Employer Highlight: CBI

Group working during bootcamp

CBI, Cyber Security Solutions has been a great part of our Employer Network.  CBI has extended offers to both Front End and Back End Grand Circus students.  CBI puts an emphasis on hiring those that are effective problem solvers and communicators.  On top of attending our Demo Days, CBI has conducted a company Info Session for Grand Circus students in every cohort of 2018.  We sat down with CBI’s Janae (Bajorek) Brosko, Academy Training and Development Manager, to learn more about CBI and get advice on careers in tech.  

How would you describe CBI and what does your team try to solve?

CBICBI is a Detroit-based, leading cyber security solutions company. We utilize teams of really smart people to provide full-lifecycle security solutions to clients in all different industries, all over the country. We bring an assessment-led approach and unique customer first perspective to assessment, implementation, and management of security solutions.

Being a Detroit-based company, our team has a love for the city and the people within it. We are constantly looking for ways to give back to the community through our community outreach team founded by our CEO, Steve Barone. The Detroit Area Rescue Team (DART) regularly volunteers and hosts events to support those in need in the city.

In your opinion, how does Grand Circus prepare students for careers in tech?

Grand Circus does an excellent job of preparing students both technically and from a soft-skill perspective. Critical thinking, teamwork, and learning how to effectively learn then apply new knowledge are all crucial skills of a successful Security Analyst at CBI. Additionally, Grand Circus is instrumental in introducing talent to great companies within the industry.

What are you looking for when hiring programmers?

First and foremost, we are looking for individuals who fit our four core values.

  • Authentic
  • Performance-based
  • Customer First
  • Blue-collar

The best Security Analysts at CBI have a distinct aspiration to continuously learn and grow as a professional in the cyber security industry. Soft skills are also key; the ability to work effectively with a client and team is imperative.

Finally, a solid technical foundation is important so the individual is able to spin up quickly and hit the ground running.

Monique Cleveland, TechHire Java July 2017

What advice would you give someone considering a career in tech?

Network, network, network! Get out there and meet some great mentors within the community.

Keep learning. Never pass up an opportunity to study something new or collaborate with a peer or mentor. The technology field is continuously developing and changing. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. A career in this field is a dedication to continuous learning and growth.

More specifically, for someone without a background in tech or a computer science degree – what advice would you give them and what should they know going into tech?

Get involved in the community. Attend networking groups in your technology field of choice. Conferences are a great way to learn a ton and network with others.

For security specifically, MiSec is a great community that has groups that meet regularly in Southfield, Jackson, and Lansing. Capture the Flag (CTF) and hackathons are also really fun ways to put your skills to the test and network in the security field.

What resources would you recommend to new developers?

There is a ton of online resources to help you develop your skills at home. Again, network with others in the community and keep finding new ways to get involved and stay current. Twitter is a great way to stay connected and updated in the security industry specifically.

How do you support continued learning for your employees?

Continued learning is a huge focus for CBI. Our training is robust and continuously being improved with each Security Analyst on our team.

First, we utilize our internal training program, CBI Academy, as a way to bridge the gap between student and professional in the field. This material focuses on project management skills, effective communication, conflict resolution, and stress management among other topics. The Academy also focuses on technical foundations and helps prepare Security Analysts to take industry certifications such as the CompTIA Network+ exam.

Beyond the Academy, we encourage our team to attend conferences, be active within the community, share knowledge within the team, and take the time to learn from each other. We host internal Capture the Flag (CTF) events, enjoy lunch and learns with various partners within the industry, and encourage authentic feedback and consistent mentorship in our day to day operations. Our culture is built upon continued learning and mentorship at all levels within the organization.

Thank you CBI for taking the time to share insights for us, and continuing to support the GC family.